Classroom Environment and Expectations

Buckle Your Seatbelts.
This is going to be a great ride.

No matter which of my classes you are enrolled in, there are a few things that drive all that we do as we learn together.

  1. It is ok to fail! I do it almost daily.  🙂  Laugh about your mistakes, learn from them, then move forward.
  2. Be a better person today than you were yesterday! You are in charge of who you become.
  3. Commit to making our class a safe place for everyone! This is a must.
  • Each of us has the ability to meet the objectives of the class and learn at deeper levels.
    • What are your goals for learning and how are you going to accomplish them?
  • We are in this for the learning!  NOT just to go through the motions or to check a box.
    • We all commit to putting our BEST effort into learning- not just in getting through things.  Only then will we learn at the highest levels together
  • We have fun and laugh about our mistakes.