Classroom Environment

Our Environment and Expectations

We are here to learn! (Mr. Sigafus included)  Not just to take up space or breathe air!  🙂

  • Our classroom environment is about learning (German and Health)
    • What do you need to sacrifice in order to ensure that our environment and objectives stay intact?
  • Each of us has the ability to meet the objectives of the class and learn at deeper levels.
    • What are your goals for learning and how are you going to accomplish them?
  • We are in this for the learning!  NOT just to go through the motions or check a box.
    • We all commit to putting our BEST effort into learning- not just in getting through things.  Only then will we learn at the highest levels together
  • We have fun and laugh about our mistakes.
  • Wir können rennen. Wir dürfen stolpern!